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  • 136.61 MB Por: Diego. R Javier Subido hace 4 meses 1:59:22 Vistas: 3,628,855

    Viejitas Canciones Románticas De Luis Miguel - Lo Mejor Música Del Luis Miguel Viejitas Canciones Románticas De Luis Miguel ...... HD

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    Great compilation of relaxing Bar Jazz Classics. Stream/Download here: Check out PART II of our Bar ...... HD

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    Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me....

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    Track list: 01. Mack The Knife 02. All Of Me 03. Come Fly With Me 04. Just Friends 05. Satin Doll 06. Basie Straight Ahead 07.... HD

  • 4.34 MB Por: lightningr0d Subido hace 10 años 3:47 Vistas: 22,082,238

    Ol' Blue eyes him self....

  • 4.11 MB Por: Iván de Jesús Siervo de Dios Subido hace 9 años 3:35 Vistas: 23,285,716

    Hola a Todos,pues esta vez les traigo las "Lyrics" de esta gran Cancion,que en lo personal me gusta mucho,se dice que las ......

  • 98.01 MB Por: Enjoy Music Subido hace 3 meses 1:25:38 Vistas: 135,896

    Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits - Best Songs Of Frank Sinatra Full Album Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits - Best Songs Of Frank Sinatra ...... HD

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  • 4.28 MB Por: FrankSinatraVEVO Subido hace 4 meses 3:44 Vistas: 212,384

    Frank Sinatra's video for 'New York, New York' recorded live in 1985 at Budokan Hall, Toyko. The new live album 'Standing Room ......

  • 3.84 MB Por: Lider Oldies Subido hace 10 años 3:21 Vistas: 40,244,169

    Some day, when I'm awfully low, When the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you... And the way you look tonight....

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    All owners Credited....

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    Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits - Best Songs Of Frank Sinatra Full Album Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits - Best Songs Of Frank Sinatra ...... HD

  • 7.27 MB Por: America's Got Talent Subido hace 5 años 6:21 Vistas: 5,887,529

    Frank is better late than never! A 74-year-old singer dazzles with "I've Got the World on a String," and fulfills a dream to sing on ...... HD

  • 3.96 MB Por: Luis Eduardo Andrade Ojeda Subido hace 4 años 3:27 Vistas: 6,863,717

    Start spreading the news I am leaving today I want to be a part of it New York, New York These vagabond shoes Are longing to ...... HD

  • 2.98 MB Por: RAYLOWESWINGS Subido hace 10 años 2:36 Vistas: 45,258,677

    Some great pictures of The Ultimate "King Of Swing" Mr Frank Sinatra. Set to a rendition of 'Fly Me To The Moon' performed by ...... HD

  • 3.84 MB Por: TheKillerC94 Subido hace 7 años 3:21 Vistas: 9,048,921

    Frank Sinatra, The Way You Look Tonight. Album - Nothing But The Best *DISCLAIMER* I do not own the right's to the music or ...... HD

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    TonyPatrony.... HD

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    1946 composed by Josef Myrow, with lyrics written by Mack Gordon (: You make me feel so young You make me feel so spring ...... HD

  • 2.98 MB Por: FrankSinatraVEVO Subido hace 6 meses 2:36 Vistas: 815,099

    Frank Sinatra's video for 'Fly Me To The Moon' recorded live in 1965 at the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis. The new live album ...... HD

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