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  • 5.94 MB Por: DumpingGarbage Subido hace 8 años 5:11 Vistas: 1,126

    Doolittle.... HD

  • 4.39 MB Por: Matthew Callan Subido hace 10 años 3:50 Vistas: 2,334

    The PIxies play "Planet of Sound" live, then close out with a jam that sounds vaguely like "Paranoid"...

  • 3.46 MB Por: Sonnie Veldhuis Subido hace 11 años 3:01 Vistas: 723,102

    In the sleepy west of the woody east is a valley full, full o' pioneer we're not just kids, to say the least we got ideas to us that's dear ......

  • 14.85 MB Por: Lie Likes Music Subido hace 5 meses 12:58 Vistas: 168,460

    Click here to check out Middle 8's channel ➜ Go to Reverb LP for all your vinyl needs: ...... HD

  • 4.05 MB Por: tasha Subido hace 15 años 3:32 Vistas: 34,396,230

    We made an OFFICIAL Music Video for THE PIXIES!!! I'm SPEECHLESS Life is CRAZY :O :D ......

  • 3.17 MB Por: weezerfordays Subido hace 6 años 2:46 Vistas: 1,863,920

    Gouge away You can gouge away Stay all day If you want to Missy aggravation Some sacred questions You stroke my locks ...... HD

  • 33.00 MB Por: KEXP Subido hace 5 años 28:50 Vistas: 626,170

    http://KEXP.ORG presents Pixies performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 18, 2014. Songs: Snakes In ...... HD

  • 5.75 MB Por: PixiesOfficialTV Subido hace 6 años 5:01 Vistas: 1,985,830

    PIXIES - INDIE CINDY 'Indie Cindy' Album Out Now iTunes (Deluxe): ...... HD

  • 3.97 MB Por: PixieLottVEVO Subido hace 8 años 3:28 Vistas: 6,876,835

    Pixie Lott's new self-titled album is out now. Get it here on iTunes: Follow Pixie Online: ......

  • 3.36 MB Por: 4AD Subido hace 6 años 2:56 Vistas: 2,921,537

    'Doolittle 25' will be released by Pixies and 4AD in the week of 1st December: 4AD on the web: ......

  • 4.41 MB Por: Brian Coon Subido hace 5 años 3:51 Vistas: 491,154

    heart of sound vinyl never hurt nobody.... HD

  • 4.99 MB Por: spacelandrecordings Subido hace 10 años 4:21 Vistas: 43,282

    for more of the archived live broadcast, go to Produced by KamranV, Line Edit by ......

  • 4.15 MB Por: i'm cyborg but that's ok Subido hace 1 año 3:37 Vistas: 23,548,867

    DISCLAIMER: I dont monetize my videos with someone else's content. This is a fan art channel & I own nothing but the editing.... HD

  • 5.18 MB Por: 4AD Subido hace 6 años 4:31 Vistas: 945,430

    Subscribe to 4AD here: 1990 brought 'Bossanova' as well as the 'Dig For Fire'/'Allison' video - enjoy....

  • 3.82 MB Por: 4AD Subido hace 7 años 3:20 Vistas: 11,928,187

    'Doolittle 25' is out now on 4AD, an expanded edition of the classic album that brings together all the album's B-sides, Peel ......

  • 3.82 MB Por: Team Coco Subido hace 2 años 3:20 Vistas: 27,252

    Pixies perform a track off their album Head Carrier. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube ...... HD

  • 2.68 MB Por: Megallyon Princip Subido hace 11 años 2:20 Vistas: 625,613

    Pixies Head On....

  • 4.60 MB Por: The DWIGHT Subido hace 9 años 4:01 Vistas: 11,543,541 It's him who make this video, go to his channel :) An other of his video: ......

  • 2.07 MB Por: ShootToLuna Subido hace 11 años 1:48 Vistas: 327,044

    Pixies' "Oh My Golly!" from Surfer Rosa....

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